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ERP Setu

ERP Setu is a software consulting firm that specializes in building custom Workday applications and integrating them with other systems.


They have a vision of bridging the gap between systems and maximizing efficiency, and they believe that innovative integration solutions can help organizations achieve their operational goals with ease.

Visit ERP Setu to learn more.

The Challenge

ERP Setu faced challenges in finding the right team to understand its vision, and brand, and work on its brand foundation. They needed the entire brand foundation to be done from scratch and launch their website and needed help on the main client acquisition user flow as well.

The Solution and Work Deliverable

Smug Hawk helped ERP Setu build their initial brand foundation from scratch - the entire brand book ranging from colors, logo, and merchandise, to even brand tonality.

Apart from the brand foundation, we helped ERP Setu brainstorm and find the right user flow for client acquisition and website, design, content and implementation from scratch as well.

Below is the embed of the website created by the team (as of the moment and being updated after every significant change).

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