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Free Doctor

Free Doctor is a healthcare-based social media app that aims to connect patients with doctors and provide all the solutions regarding medical fraternity, of any medical personnel or patient on this platform.


Their mission is to make it easy for patients to find and connect with doctors, and to provide all the information and resources they need to make informed healthcare decisions.

Visit Free Doctor to learn more.

The Challenge

Free Doctor wanted to launch a healthcare social media platform before any of its potential competitors could get into this space. However, they faced challenges in finding the right team to help them define and build the complete app from scratch along with the right marketing support. Most agencies and oursource teams needed a minimum time span for 2-4 weeks to kickstart the project but Free Doctor did not want to waste a single minute.

The Solution and Work Deliverable

Smug Hawk helped Free Doctor create everything from scratch and launch on time. This included providing the right UI/UX designer and frontend and backend developer resources to work on their app from scratch. 

Apart from the app itself, we helped Free Doctor in improving its brand foundation, building their website from scratch, and also in creating comprehensive branding and marketing materials like video ADs and posters.

We helped Free Doctor build their complete brand and marketing foundation in just 1 month and launch their app in just over 2.5 months.

Below is a glimpse of the website created by the team and here is the link to it.

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