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MF.Khan Bespoke

MFKhan Bespoke, found at, is a renowned luxury fashion house with a rich heritage dating back to 1940.

Offering a distinctive bespoke tailoring experience, they exemplify exquisite craftsmanship and elegance in the Men's Luxury Fashion Category.

Visit MF.Khan Bespoke to learn more.

The Challenge

MF.Khan Bespoke faced challenges in finding the right team to understand their vision, brand, and heritage. The brand was not happy with the previous team they were working with since the work delivery did not align with the brand's vision and goals.

The Solution and Work Deliverable

Smug Hawk came in to scoop up the work from scratch, understanding every detail, goal, and vision of MF.Khan Bespoke to deliver the website and company profile of their brand.

Not only did the team take up extensive calls and worked on every minute detail with the utmost care, but also was up for unlimited revisions as the brand's goals were quite specific and detail-oriented.

Below is the embed of the website and company profile created by the team (as of the moment and being updated after every significant change).

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